5 Helpful Tips For Buying Jewelry Online

Jewelry is that timeless gift that speaks volumes when words are not enough. From elegant pieces of fine jewelry to precious gold jewelry to funky pieces, the best online gold jewelry stores have got them all. However, it may become a tad tiring sifting through endless collections and finding yourself in…

Fabulous Gift Ideas for Her

While we may believe, ‘it’s the thought that counts’; receiving a unique present here and there certainly doesn’t hurt. Can’t think of anything she’ll like?

Must-Know: Summer Jewelry Trends 2018

Every year, we see hot new trends hitting fashion weeks all around the world—from innovations in clothing design to new footwear to eye-catching jewelry pieces. 2018 has been no different. We bring you the biggest summer jewelry trends to get you on the right side of shopping tracks. Mismatched Earrings…

The Guide To Find Your Ring Size

At Cristina Foltea Jewelry, our exquisite collection of rings is a best seller. A common and recurring question that we get from regular clients and new buyers is how to determine ring size. As we are an online gold jewelry store, our customers don’t get to try before they buy.…

Why Pearls Are A Women’s Best Friend

Coco Chanel famously said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.’’ The subtle timelessness of pearls is not lost on anyone in the jewelry world. These niche gemstones can add old-world glamour to any outfit; making it the number one choice for the elegant and modern woman.

The Ultimate Guide To Buy A Necklace

Wanna know how to choose a best necklace for you? Here is a quick guide to make this process easier for you. Check out the below info-graphic for the complete guide.

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