Fabulous Gift Ideas for Her

While we may believe, ‘it’s the thought that counts’; receiving a unique present here and there certainly doesn’t hurt.

Can’t think of anything she’ll like?

Here’s your ultimate guide to buying splurge-worthy gifts for her that are sure to be a hit!

An Espresso Machine

This is what we like to call a ‘just because’ present. Not every present has to be limited to special occasions. Sometimes going out of your way and getting your best girl something that you know would wow her, is the greatest gesture you can make.

If your girl’s a coffee-maniac, consider buying her a good quality espresso machine. She’s sure to think of you every day with her morning cup of coffee!

Designer Sunglasses

A girl can never have enough shades. Buy her a glamorous pair of shades that are perfect for her face and personality. Not sure what shape would flatter her face? You can’t go wrong with the classic wayfarers.  

Gold Necklace

Gold never goes out of fashion. An elegant gold necklace that she can wear every day will always make for a stylish present. Consider investing in an elegant 14k gold and pearl chain necklace, like the one here that she’s sure to love and wear all the time. You can even shop for gold jewelry online.

Cross Body Bag

If your girl has impeccable style and is always on trend, she probably has a few cross body bags to her name. However, adding another one to her collection won’t hurt. Available in different shapes, sizes and prices; it’s easy to find her one that she’ll love.

Apple Watch

A smart watch is an excellent choice for a present. Simply choose a size, model and band and voila! You have a very happy girl with a wrist that can take photos, play music, track her fitness and a lot more.

Oscar Wilde once said, ‘I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.’ If that sounds like your girl, you can be sure that one of these presents will make her very happy.

Timeless presents such as jewelry is always a unique way to tell your special person how important she is. If you are looking for the most elegant designs that will be cherished by her forever; shop online at Cristina Foltea’s gorgeous collection.