Leaf Earring in 14k Yellow Gold, Single Earring


Made with 14k Yellow Gold
Leaf size: 10mm
Single earring
Butterfly backing
Stack it with our 3 Diamond Stud Earrings and Diamond Huggie Earrings for a chic, modern look


These leaf earrings are a statement jewelry item that’ll help pull off the signature chic, modern look. Rid of all glitz and glamour that doesn’t suit well in formal/professional settings, this single earring is the perfect accessory for a working woman.

The 14k yellow gold leaf earring is polished in an antique ochre tone that gives off a dull glimmer. The lone leaf dangling from rings enchained together creates an aesthetically appealing design that isn’t commonly found in jewelry items. Pared with diamond cartilage studs, or an equally artistic pendant, this earring won’t fail to make you a head turner.

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